Comprehensive Exams

A comprehensive oral examination is a thorough exam of your teeth and gums. We will provide:

Oral Cancer Screenings

When detected early, oral cancer is one of the most curable diseases. We provide oral cancer screenings with Velscope technology.

Digital X-rays

Digital X-rays quickly display detailed images of your teeth on the in-office computer monitor so we can immediately see the condition of your teeth. These X-rays give us a precise look at your oral health; they also significantly reduce your exposure to the radiation associated with traditional film X-rays.

Digital Panoramic X-rays

We also offer panoramic (pan) X-rays. With the pan, the X-ray is not taken with any film or device that is placed in your mouth. The machine stays outside of your mouth and moves around your head in a half-circle, taking an image of your entire oral cavity, providing a clear overview of your entire mouth.

Intra Oral Camera

Intra-oral cameras have greatly improved the way we examine our patients’ teeth. Using this pen-sized camera, we take video of your teeth and project the live image onto a monitor in the treatment room. This image is magnified, allowing us to better see and detect any decay, cracked or leaking fillings or other problems, and helps us diagnose and treat problems earlier than was ever before possible.

Oral DNA

Stop the dangers of periodontal disease before they start! We offer patients the benefits of Oral DNA Molecular Testing – the latest diagnostic system for periodontal disease risks.

This clinical test provides accurate information about the pathinogenic bacteria in your mouth and your genetic susceptibility to these bacteria. This information allows us to develop a customized care and treatment plan to prevent any problems before they appear.

Periodontal Disease Screening

We will measure the gum tissue around each tooth to assess any periodontal deterioration. Digital x-rays may also be taken to reveal any bone loss around your teeth. If periodontal disease is diagnosed, a variety of treatment options are available to treat the disease, and even reverse it.

Computerized Treatment Rooms

To provide all this technology to you, all of our treatment rooms are fully computerized. All your records, treatment plans, test results, images, etc. are on our computer system and readily available to anyone on our team. The computer helps maintain continuity and quality of care.

Guru Patient Education

Do you have questions about certain treatments or procedures? The GURU patient education system has all the answers you’re looking for, presented in an interactive digital format.

Once the exam is complete, we will discuss any findings, develop a treatment plan (if needed) and schedule your next visit.