Tooth-Colored Composite Fillings

Disappear in Your Smile!

Do you have teeth filled with old metal amalgams? Are they turning your smile dark and grey? It’s time to discover tooth-colored composite fillings that virtually disappear in your smile.

Metal- and mercury-free, tooth-colored fillings not only restore your teeth to health and strength, they look completely natural.

Tooth-colored fillings are made of a biocompatible composite resin that blends into your smile. They are so superior to their metal counterparts, Dr. Bolil only restores teeth with these natural looking alternatives to amalgam fillings.

Composite restorations require far less tooth preparation and drilling than metal amalgams do. As a result, much more of your natural tooth structure is left intact.

And unlike metal that actually weakens teeth, composite fillings return teeth to strength.

Stronger. Enduring. Natural-looking. Why would you ever choose anything but tooth-colored composite fillings?

If you would like to replace old metal fillings with these safer, stronger, natural looking restorations, call us today.